The Győr-Szombathely line of Hungarian West Railway Company has been opened, and therefore it was necessary to build a bigger workshop where the vehicles of the company are repaired. The workshop of Hungarian West Railway Company started functioning in 1872, with 90 workers. On 1886 was nationalized. Like the Hungarian Royal State Railways workshop gradually expanded the area and more and more modern equipment helped repair work. During the Second World War the plant suffered major damages.

After the restoration gradually increased the number of staff and the number of repaired vehicle fleet improved. From the sixties the plant carried out repair work with higher technical task demands including the two-axles wooden passenger coaches reconstruction to wagons with steel-body structure. Starting from 1968 the steam engine repairs was replaced by the reparation of the small and medium power diesel locomotives and rail-car repair. The advanced technological improvements have been made to improve new modern diesel locomotives and freight wagons repairs. Starting from the 1980 the Bz-Bzx Czechoslovak-made engine and side car big repair was made in the plant, which provided a good foundation for the type vehicle modernization, with a higher comfort level development.

Starting from the 8th of February 2016 the Mozdony és Vasúti Járműjavító Kft. facility started operation on his site with 173 workers. The company has all the possibilities to repair freight wagons, passenger wagons, small and medium power diesel locomotives and nostalgia vehicles.

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